oh laaawwwd
Its five o’clock somewhere.
Forever my catch phrase.
BMW 328i F30

This is why i stay away from these situations. I spend so much time with you (without a title) but when its finally time that i realize i really want to be in a relationship something always happens & makes me rethink everything. Overthinking & all the what if’s will be the death of me. It makes me so hesitant. Now were fighting & youre acting different. Being self destructive in a relationship is the fucking worse & I really dont fucking know why i do it. Hopefully everything goes back to normal


aw i love this! thanks kris!

Its crazy how someone youve known for a long time can just change on you in a matter of hours

You became the part of me i was afraid to find out about


Chanel S/S 1988Model: Susana Sabino
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